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Keywords carousel, merry-go-round, kiddie rides, amusement park rides, San Antonio Roller Works. At Carousels USA you choose the carousel's colors, light combinations, options, scenery, horses and other animals. Your carousel (merry-go-round) can truly be one of a kind. In addition to eight different horses, our "jumper" line (they move up and down) includes a chicken, monkey, rabbit, zebra, dog, elephant, lion and giraffe. Fixed-position options include a large horse and a tiger. A two-seat chariot may be substituted for two horses. Popular options include wheelchair ramps and lockdowns, brass horse and hanger rods, wood floor, extra lights, trailer mount, music, center scenery, custom animals, deluxe stirrups, multicolor tops and special pattern tops, base or platform skirt to match carousel top. Scenery packages include "Dentzle style" with jester, fleur-de-lis, lion head, etc. Our "Basic" mirror and light package contains many of both and is excellent for theme presentations. Thematic elements may be superimposed on the mirrors. Carousels USA clients include baseball parks, residences, shopping centers, churches, zoos, amusement parks, carnivals, multiplex theaters, game rooms and others. Carousels USA offers repairs, carousel centers, drive systems, replacement horses and scenery. We are now in our 6th decade. Individual animals are available for purchase. Carousels USA offers the option of horses and animals made of other materials. We manufacture with high-grade components. All carousels and rides are carefully assembled and tested prior to shipping. Carousels USA's fluid clutch provides smooth starts and stops. Special UHMW bearings require NO grease: they are quiet and clean. Horses and animals are strong, durable aluminum (low maintenance!)